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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How To Play Craps

I'm sure you've landed in this blog post because you've been wondering about playing one of the games that online casino offers which is Craps. Before we begin with the mechanics of playing Craps, let me tell you some interesting things about this game, and what is it anyway?

Craps is a very famous casino game that we usually see in brick and mortar casinos and some online casino. It was originated from an old English game known as “Hazard” and was actually a simpler version of that game. Both Craps and Hazard are played using a pair of dice in which determine the outcome of the game based on roll or series of rolls. Here in this game, players may wager against other players (Street Craps) or against the bank (Casino Craps). Because this game is a bit easy to set up, it can be played with informal setup known as “Street Craps. In the usual games, it is played in rounds. In each round, the Shooter (The Player who throws the dice) is often changed at the end of rounds and passed to the next player in a clockwise turn.

Now, since you've already known some of the important things about Craps, let's get back to the guidelines of the game.

How To Play Craps

In the beginning of each round, the Shooter makes one or more rolls. The player who acts as the shooter must have a bet on either “Pass” line or “Don't Pass” line. These “Pass” and Don't Pass” are betting on the outcome of a round.

There are two phases in each round called “come-out” and “point”. Each number of come-out rolls correspond to different results. The come-out roll that results to 2,3 or 12 are losing results and also called as “craps”. Everyone who put bets on Pass line loses in this round. In contrary, the come-out roll of 7 and 11 is a winning result for those who bet on pass line and receive their payout. The other possible numbers in the results are the “point” numbers, which are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. If in case the shooter rolls the pair of dice and results to one of the point numbers, it will establish the “point” or the number that must be rolled again before seven. When this happened, the second phase starts and the shooter roll the pair of dice again. If the rolls resulted to 7 before repeating the point number, the round ends and the Pass line bets loses.

That is how easy it is to play the famous game, Craps. Next time, I'll share you some tips that can help you with playing this game. Tips that can surely make your gaming a more enjoying and exciting experience.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Online Poker For Fun

online poker
Poker is the most famous family of card games ever. Its popularity had came across the globe. Nowadays, each state and countries have come up with their own variant of this game. There are already innumerable variants of poker that you can play in many casinos. Because of the popularity of this game, the innovation on it have come up with a very great system that lets players wager with different people from all sides of the world and is now used by top online casino sites. This is through the use of the internet which is called online poker. Online poker is the game that almost every online casino offers.

Online Poker

Online poker is a game played with a used of the internet. It is partly pertinent to the sudden increase in number of poker players around the world. Because of the convenience and lesser commitment in time and money, online poker has been one of the biggest hit of all games played online. The greatest factor responsible for the progressive increase of its players and followers is the ease of access. Anyone who has an internet connection can play this even without real money involved to wager with, because there are lots of online poker provider that lets player play their games for free and gets their profit only from players who want to advance and get more chips value.

Traditional Vs. Online Poker

The traditional way of playing poker is with the use of brick and mortar which is played in poker rooms at most casinos. By contrast, online poker displays the game with an electronic system that provides the dealing of cards and management of chips using only a computer and an internet connection.These online poker rooms are usually power by an online casino and their software provider.

Casinos that offers poker gaming are also reluctant in promoting this game because it's more difficult for them to gain profit from it. Though the time charge in a poker room and the rake is mostly high, the opportunity costs of propulsion of a poker room are even higher. They are often gain more profit by replacing poker rooms with slot machines. However, online venues are way cheaper due to the smaller overhead cost because unlike brick and mortar casinos, adding up another table or room doesn't take up expensive space. Moreover, players are allow to play at very low stakes in many online poker rooms and some of it are even offering freeroll tournament with no entry fee to attract novices.


Almost every online poker room operates with a separate piece of software. Some of it offers a downloadable programs that lets you play and interacts with other players in a separate program from your browser while others offer a web based gaming that enables you to play with just your browser. Either of the two, everyone will surely enjoy playing this game because of the convenience that it brings.

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Online Casino

OnlineCasinoVista is a review site that provides lots of things that a player must know before playing in an online casino. This includes unbiased review on top online casinos and also gaming guides that can surely be a great help for you on playing lots of casino games like online poker for fun. OCVista is also a well known site for containing very useful information on what online casino offers.

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